Bardiya farmers attracted to banana farming

Bardiya, June 8: Farmers of Bardiya are getting attracted towards banana farming lately with the occupation yielding many benefits.
As a result, many of the farmers have switched to it. Santosh BK has leased 20 bighas of land and started the farming at Mainapokhar and Dhadhawar.
“I have been drawn to the farming as it generates good profits. There is also not the lack of the market,” BK said.
Another farmer, who is also involved in the profession, said more than Rs 350,000 is generated annually from the farming.
Some of the farmers have started the farming on their own while some others have been provided with financial aid from local cooperatives.
The farming is started on a total of 812 hectares of land in the district this year, according to the District Agricultural Development Office (DADO). The produce is supplied to neighbouring districts like Dang, Pyuthan, Jumla and Surkhet.
This farming has been prioritised under the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project, said the DADO. RSS

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